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Ask not for whom the Covid bell tolls…

Welp, Covid has come calling at our house. I knew it would come sooner or later, yet I was still shocked when my oldest and youngest boys’ tests came back positive. The doctor at the clinic last Saturday told me to treat the family as if everybody already has it, read: everybody quarantines for the requisite 10 days.

Jake and I made arrangements for Sunday worship to be covered. I contacted the boys’ teachers to let them know and ask for homework. And I spent nearly an hour on the phone - on hold - with the health department waiting for someone to take my information and log the positive results. It turns out that, between our healthcare provider, the school, and the health department, nobody was giving me any consistent instruction. V. frustrating.

Fortunately, the boys are all fine. Their symptoms were mild and seem to have passed, as most childhood illnesses have for them, to this point. Unfortunately, I have come down with a nasty head cold: congestion, sore throat and ridiculously nonstop runny nose. Blecchhh.

On Sunday afternoon, once word had spread at worship that morning - it was pretty obvious that the pastors weren’t there - we had Church Council via Zoom. Everyone was very concerned and encouraging. And then something amazing started happening. I started getting texts.

Women from the church started texting me to ask if we were ok and to check on the boys. That, in itself, wasn’t so amazing; we've cultivated some pretty good relationships while we’ve been at this church. These women started offering to bring food. Like, full meals for us. But even that wasn’t the amazing part. I would anticipate that for others, even if not for myself.

The amazing thing was that I accepted their offers! My initial reaction was to say, “No, don’t worry, we’re fine.” But, really, I wasn’t fine. Because even though our kids are pretty healthy with no underlying conditions, I couldn’t help the flashes of visions I had been having since their test results of each of them lying sick in a hospital bed. I was beginning to feel stuck at the idea of how this whole Covid thing is going to turn out and trying to keep things situation normal. And by golly, somebody else doing the shopping, preparing and practically serving it up for us sounded so wonderfully helpful - I couldn’t pass it up.

And we were not disappointed.

We've had four delicious meals, loads of groceries and vitamins, plus tons of sweet goodies brought to our front porch. Not to mention, one saint who braved the front office of the school to bring us two of the boys’ schoolwork packets for the week.

I am beyond grateful and learning to bask in the grace and love these beautiful women are pouring out on us, on me, this week.

I‘m almost finished with a wonderful book, Motherwhelmed. I highly recommend it so you too can hear from another mother permission to leave off of the narrative we’ve been told for so long: that a “good” mom can do it all. #nope This mama can’t do it all. I need my tribe. I need my sisters to help me take care of my family this week. And now that I’ve got ”the Covid” - as my youngest calls it - I need them to literally take care of me too. And they are totally coming through for me.

So here’s to Rachel, Leslie, Brandy, Diane, Amy, Jan, and Meghan, who are supporting me and mine from both near and far. I literally cannot do this without you. Thank you for your love and time and extra effort. Even with everything else you each have going on in your lives. I will be honored to return the favor, ladies.

I’m gonna run now. There is zero laundry on the line. But I think I‘m just gonna lay down for a bit. The laundry can wait. Cheers.

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